Vaultive Granted Sixth Patent, Advancing Its Leadership Position in Cloud Data Encryption

Organizations Across Numerous Industries Rely on Vaultive’s Continued Innovation in Cloud Security and Encryption to Proactively Protect Data as Cloud Usage Grows

BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – Vaultive, an innovator in cloud data security, today announced a new patent for its innovative cloud security platform. U.S. Patent number 9,721,119 is the sixth patent granted to Vaultive and relates to the company’s ability to allow organizations to use cloud-hosted email while reducing the amount of sensitive data that is exposed to cloud providers and other third parties. This latest patent builds on the company’s previous innovations in searchable and sortable encryption by introducing additional advanced message routing and email address obfuscation concepts.

Without a cloud security solution, third-party email services can decrypt an organization’s data. This creates a new set of cloud security challenges for organizations that migrate email to the cloud. IT teams in verticals such as legal, financial services, higher education, healthcare, media and entertainment, biotech and government face additional security and compliance issues, as well as a greater threat of a data breach because of the sensitive data they process. Additionally, due to the sheer volume of emails sent daily, it’s almost inevitable that sensitive corporate data will flow into the cloud simply by user error or negligence.

“Migrating email to a cloud-hosted model brings cost savings and increased flexibility, but for many organizations, the risk of not having absolute control over sensitive data is enough to stop the project before it even begins,” said Ben Matzkel, founder and CTO at Vaultive. “Many of the organizations we work with process data that is highly-sensitive, confidential, valuable, or protected by stringent regulations. Without Vaultive’s encryption capabilities, the risk of exposing email data to a cloud service provider is too great for these organizations.”

Vaultive’s encryption capabilities solve the three main challenges that keep organizations from moving their email to the cloud:

  • Cloud Data Security: Best practices call for a segregation of duties between the administrator managing the cloud environment and the security professionals managing the encryption keys. Even with the bring your own key (BYOK) features offered by cloud providers, customers are required to share the key with their chosen provider. Vaultive solves this challenge by encrypting cloud data for the entire duration of its lifecycle without the need for the encryption keys to ever leave the data owner’s control.
  • Compliance: Industry and data regulations such as FDIC, HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, and PCI-DSS are still evolving to catch up with cloud adoption and, because cloud service providers can access cleartext data, compliance challenges can emerge. Organizations that encrypt their data before it flows into the cloud and retain sole control of the keys maintain full control of data beyond their on-premises perimeter, providing a strong and defendable mitigation measure if industry-specific compliance is challenged.
  • Unauthorized Data Access: By law, cloud service providers must comply with government data requests and in some cases, are forbidden from even notifying the customer that their data was accessed. With Vaultive encryption enabled, any data provided in response to a government subpoena or data request is encrypted, keeping the data owner in control of the fulfillment process.

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