A Unified Approach to Cloud Security & Governance


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform applies a broad collection of cloud security capabilities to one problem—protecting sensitive data in your IT-sanctioned cloud applications.


Gartner predicts that 85 percent of enterprises will be using a Cloud Access Security Broker by 2020. But not all solutions are the same. Many are good at uncovering cloud security problems, but when it comes to actually protecting your data in the cloud, the details can often get fuzzy.


Our multi-mode architecture operates as an inline cloud data security gateway, integrates with software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider application programming interfaces (APIs), or uses both techniques in concert to create a unified security approach across all of your SaaS applications.

Feature-Preserving Encryption


Many cloud security vendors treat cloud encryption as a last resort. We treat it as a core competency. Our patented, feature-preserving encryption technology allows you to encrypt both structured and unstructured data in the cloud. Your IT team retains sole custody of the encryption keys, but the user experience and application functionality are preserved.


Vaultive’s patented method of encryption ensures features like search and sort functions perform as expected, even on encrypted data. This, along with the ability to support customer-controlled encryption for sophisticated, multi-protocol applications like Microsoft Exchange Online, makes Vaultive a critical tool for organizations who need to ensure complete control over their data in the cloud.

Context-Aware Policy Controls


As more and more sensitive business processes are migrated to the cloud it’s essential to keep tight control over what users can and cannot do in those services. Our policy engine monitors user interactions with IT-sanctioned cloud services and can respond appropriately to enforce consistent security and governance on all cloud computing activities.

Cloud Application Privilege Management

Enforce user privileges at a more granular level than native cloud service platform controls. This can either unobtrusively guide user behavior with informational messages, or more actively block certain application usage patterns.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Inspect cloud computing activities and redact prohibited data types. Focus detection on data characteristics (such as social security or credit card numbers) or reference your organization’s defined data sets and data classification definitions.

Continuous Cloud Authentication

Enforce re-authentication or two-factor authentication if your users perform high-risk behaviors or access sensitive data. The Vaultive platform can interoperate with leading identity and access management (IAM) platforms to apply authentication in an intelligent and consistent manner.

Alerting & Auditing


A key aspect of a sound cloud data security strategy is to maintain visibility beyond your on-premises perimeter. While many cloud providers offer access to activity logs and reporting APIs, they vary from one platform to the next and are limited to the information that a specific service provider chooses to share. Vaultive can consolidate cloud service provider furnished information, as well as generate additional visibility log data when operating in inline mode. Cloud security informational data can be assembled and transmitted to leading third-party data analytics tools. More urgent data can also be transmitted in the form of alerts through email or transmission to a security information event management (SIEM) tool.

Future-Proof Your Cloud Security Strategy


While many organizations initially focus their cloud security strategy on a select number of high-priority cloud services, such as Exchange Online, the best practice is to implement solution right from the start that can meet both your current and future needs. Vaultive’s approach combines predefined rule packs for popular cloud services with the flexibility to address both known and unknown future cloud security needs.


Our platform dramatically simplifies the process of applying security protections to new cloud services through a web-based configuration interface. Non-developers can use this intuitive interface to model user interactions with specific cloud applications and create policy definitions that apply protections, in real time, based on user behavior and other factors such as identity, device, and geolocation. This departure from hard-coded integrations with specific cloud platforms enables Vaultive to innovate more rapidly than first-generation CASB vendors.

Featured Cloud Services


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Oracle Taleo Security
Dynamics 365 Security

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