Sensitive information like data, passwords, and even source code can quickly find its way into your organization’s Slack implementation without the right tool in place. Vaultive gives organizations the right security and governance controls to ensure appropriate protection and transparency for Slack.

Vaultive for Slack


The Vaultive Platform augments native Slack security and extends feature-preserving encryption, policy-controls, and advanced auditing features to all of your organization’s Slack instances. Your user’s favorite clients are supported, ensuring maximum protection without compromising user experience.

Slack Security

Searchable Encryption


Cloud security best practices call for organizations to encrypt software-as-a-service (SaaS) data before it flows into the cloud and maintain sole control over the encryption keys. This guarantees that only authorized users from your organization can access cleartext data. Vaultive’s patented encryption method ensures that, while data remains encrypted during its entire cloud lifecycle, files and messages are still searchable and sortable by end users.

Enforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies


Most organizations have industry regulations or internal policies that restrict users from transmitting sensitive or confidential information outside of the organization, but because Slack makes it easy to collaborate and share it’s common for sensitive data to flow into the cloud unchecked.  With Vaultive, your information security teams can enforce DLP with granular policy controls automatically, blocking or redacting specified data types.

Solution Brief

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Cloud Privilege Management


Organizations who use privilege management as part of their on-premises security strategy often find it difficult to implement in cloud applications like Slack. However, because the Vaultive platform enforces policies at the transactional level, information security teams can use it to govern user privileges in Slack. This includes use cases such as preventing or logging mass uploads or downloads and restricting features in third-party contractor accounts.

Auditing and Alerting


The Vaultive platform also includes detailed auditing and alerting capabilities that augment the reports natively included in Slack’s enterprise plans. In Vaultive-protected instances of Slack, organizations can monitor and log all user transactions and export them to their preferred security information and event management (SIEM) tool for analysis and reporting.

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