Analysts at Gartner estimate that up to 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured. With much of that contained in files, it’s critical that organizations extend security controls to cloud services like Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Vaultive for Microsoft SharePoint Online


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform operates as an inline gateway that is positioned between your users and SharePoint Online, augmenting native security features and adding a new set of cloud security and governance controls. Since all user interactions flow through Vaultive, data can be protected by a broad set of cloud security and governance features.

Encryption in Transit

Encryption in Use

Encryption at Rest

Feature-Preserving Encryption


The Vaultive platform can be configured to automatically encrypt data before it leaves your trusted network with a patented approach that preserves SharePoint web application functionality while ensuring that your IT team maintains sole control of the encryption keys. With Vaultive, only authorized users in your organization can access the sensitive data and files in your SharePoint Online instance.

Cloud Data Leak Protection


Vaultive can inspect user sessions for customer-defined terms, data classification labels, general data types such as social security and credit card numbers, and exact data sets such as a list of customer names. If a user tries to transmit prohibited data to the cloud, Vaultive has the ability to:


  • Selectively redact the information in question.
  • Detect prohibited data in commonly used files such as Microsoft Office documents.
  • Block users from uploaded files to SharePoint (or other SaaS applications).
  • Display a message describing the policy enforcement.
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Solution Brief

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Granular Policy Controls


Because the Vaultive engine examines activity in IT-sanctioned cloud services in real time, it can consistently apply your IT teams’ required policies to data and user activities. These policies are highly configurable, but the most common examples include privilege management and access controls, and continuous or step-up authentication.

Alerting and Auditing


The platform also features a dynamic auditing engine which can be configured to meet enterprise security requirements and a customer’s relevant compliance standards. With the Vaultive platform, IT security teams can track access to SharePoint Online and other cloud services and any sensitive data within those environments. All resulting logs can be exported to a customer’s preferred security event and incident management (SEIM) tool, enabling centralized visibility.

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