Vaultive helps organizations move even the most sensitive business processes to ServiceNow by applying strong, searchable encryption and granular policy controls to data before it leaves an organization’s trusted network.

Strong Encryption


With Vaultive, IT teams can apply industry standard AES-256 encryption to case fields, attachments, emails, and chat sessions in a manner where it can never be decrypted by ServiceNow, even while the application is in-use.

Encryption in Transit

Encryption in Use

Encryption at Rest

Seamless User Experience


Vaultive’s patented feature-preserving encryption technology delivers added ServiceNow security while preserving a frictionless, native user experience. No user workflow changes are required, and encrypted data remains searchable within the application.

Granular Key Management


Only the Vaultive customer, and not ServiceNow, can access the encryption keys and manage them from a central console. The platform supports multiple keys for organizations with per-country and per-user group needs and also integrates with leading key management solutions such as Gemalto.

ServiceNow Security

Solution Brief

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Simplifying Compliance


Your organization’s most sensitive data is also the same data that’s subject to mandates such as FDIC, EU GDPR, ITAR, and PCI-DSS as well as internal policies. Vaultive helps organizations achieve both internal and external compliance by ensuring clear text data is never exposed or vulnerable in the cloud and allowing organizations to retain exclusive control over their encryption keys.

Proactive ServiceNow Security and Data Privacy


Visibility is important when planning your ServiceNow security strategy, but strong encryption give IT Teams the ability to proactively secure their data before it moves into a third-party environment. In the event of a cloud data breach or a secret government data request any data obtained by unauthorized third-parties will be encrypted and useless.

ServiceNow Security

Alerting and Auditing


Vaultive can passively log suspicious activity in ServiceNow and submit these logs to our customer’s preferred security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools. This allows organizations to maintain visibility beyond their on-premises perimeter and supports auditing needs for businesses in regulated industries.

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