Oracle Taleo Security

As a leading solution for human resource management, Oracle Taleo processes some of your organization’s most sensitive data. With Vaultive, organizations can take a proactive approach to securing their employees’ personal data, protecting it from unauthorized access, ensuring data security, and simplifying compliance.

Prevent Unauthorized Access


Vaultive applies security controls to personal or financial information entered by job applicants or recruiters ensuring Oracle Taleo security. This approach protects sensitive data from unauthorized third-party access, including cloud providers, but the Vaultive platform preserves a seamless SaaS application experience for users.

Ensure Oracle Taleo Security & Privacy


When Taleo and Vaultive are deployed together, AES-256 encryption is automatically applied to sensitive data, including human resources-related file attachments such as educational diplomas, birth certificates, passport scans, and beneficiary documentation. No additional action is required from end users to protect data during its entire cloud lifecycle.

Simplify Compliance


Vaultive helps organizations comply with regulatory mandates for their HR data such as EU GDPR and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which include requirements for data protection and technical safeguards for personal data. Because Oracle can access HR data in Taleo, organizations can find themselves out of compliance with current data privacy and sovereignty regulations.

End-to-End Protection


Vaultive works in concert with your environment, securely handling information transmitted to and from other systems using web services and the Taleo Connect Client. Customers can also store their Vaultive encryption keys in key management solutions from vendors like Gemalto and Thales.

Enterprise-Grade Architecture


IT teams can choose to deploy the Vaultive platform on-premises or at a trusted data center as a virtual appliance. The platform’s scalable, high-availability architecture features:


  • Built-in load balancing and automatic fail-over capabilities
  • Distributed topology for global deployments with centralized management
  • Industry-leading data processing performance
  • Ability to deploy redundant virtual machines across multiple sites

Interested in Securing More Than Oracle Taleo?


Looking to secure and govern cloud data in all your IT-sanctioned applications? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.