The sheer volume of corporate email that is sent every day makes it nearly impossible to prevent sensitive data from ending up in your email system. Even if you have policies in place to deter this, human error is unavoidable. Encryption and policy-based controls arm security teams with the additional tools they need to proactively protect sensitive data that makes its way into users’ inboxes.


Ensure Data Security & Privacy


Security best practices call for a segregation of duties between the administrator managing the cloud environment and the security professionals managing the encryption keys. Vaultive supports this by encrypting cloud data, including Exchange Online email, calendar, and task data, for the entire duration of its lifecycle. We give IT teams sole custody of the encryption keys, ensuring that only authorized users, and not Microsoft, have access to clear text data.

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Office 365 Encryption

Prevent Unauthorized Access


Cloud data breaches are rare, but if unauthorized access occurs Vaultive ensures any obtained data is unreadable cipher text. In the more common event of a secret government data request, Vaultive makes certain that any data your cloud provider hands over is illegible. The authorities must approach the Vaultive customer directly for access to clear text data, allowing them to control the conversation and next steps.

Simplify Compliance


Vaultive helps organizations subject to industry and regulatory compliance mandates such as FFIEC, EU GDPR, ITAR, and PCI-DSS demonstrate strong data protection technical safeguards. In many of these cases, the fact that Microsoft has access to clear text data can prevent or complicate compliance.

 Solution Brief

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We’re Serious About Encryption and User Experience


Vaultive provides automatic encryption of unstructured data in Exchange Online while preserving the application functionality such as search and sort. Using this approach allows for data protection at every point of cloud exposure without sacrificing the user experience.

Exchange is Built for the Enterprise, and So is Vaultive


From day one Vaultive was built with the enterprise in mind, so organizations of all sizes can benefit from our platform’s scalable, high-availability architecture. It features:


  • Built-in load balancing and automatic fail-over
  • Distributed topology for global deployments with centralized management
  • Industry-leading data processing performance
  • Ability to deploy redundant virtual machines across multiple sites

Interested in Securing More Than Exchange Online?




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