PCI DSS Compliance


As more organizations make use of cloud services, it’s essential that IT security teams ensure that their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance strategy also extends to data flowing into the cloud. This can be difficult to achieve even with a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, but as you adopt additional cloud services, gaps in native security features and configuration errors can put you at risk of non-compliance with PCI DSS standards.

Simplify PCI DSS Compliance in the Cloud


Vaultive allows organizations to simplify PCI DSS compliance across all of their cloud services with a unified set of encryption, policy, and auditing capabilities that help you meet key PCI DSS requirements. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform isn’t limited to a list of the most popular cloud services either. Because there is no need for custom development, our platform can be used to quickly extend the required security and governance controls to your custom applications, ensuring that your PCI DSS compliance strategy extends to all your data, no matter where it’s stored.

Strong Encryption and Tokenization 


PCI-DSS standards call for strong cryptography to protect sensitive data, such as a customer’s primary account number (PAN) or personally identifiable information (PII). The Vaultive platform encrypts both structured and unstructured data before it ever flows into the cloud and gives the customer sole control of the encryption keys, protecting data from misuse and unauthorized disclosure. Your data remains encrypted for its entire lifecycle completely segregated from your cloud provider, even during processing, but cloud service functionality is preserved for end users.


In addition to cloud encryption, the Vaultive platform also supports cloud tokenization and can inspect data prior to transmission to the cloud. Highly customizable rules can be configured to define specific data patterns or SaaS application fields for which tokenization should be applied.

Control Your Encryption Keys


Vaultive generated encryption keys are stored separately from the data in a Vaultive appliance or a customer’s preferred hardware security module (HSM) as required by PCI DSS standards. Only an authorized administrator can modify the keys, and all changes and activity within the Vaultive management console are audited and monitored. Additional access controls can be leveraged to segregate the key administer, who creates and manages the keys, from the users who utilize the keys to access data.

Multi-Factor Authentication


PCI DSS standards require organizations to enable multi-factor authentication for any person with non-console administrative access to systems processing or storing card data. Because the Vaultive platform can profile specific user interactions with cloud services or custom web applications in real-time, the platform can enable secondary authentication prompts for users accessing fields containing PAN or PII data.

Comprehensive Auditing & Alerting


Vaultive includes a dynamic auditing, monitoring, and reporting engine which can be configured to meet enterprise security requirements and PCI DSS standards. With the Vaultive platform, IT security teams can track access to cloud services as well as sensitive PAN and PII data. All resulting logs can be exported to a customer’s preferred security event and incident management (SEIM) tool, enabling centralized visibility.

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