Data Residency
Laws & Regulations

The data residency landscape is constantly changing.
Is your compliance strategy prepared?

Evolving Data Protection Laws and Regulations


Data residency laws and privacy regulations mandate the direct control of an organization’s information and safeguards for moving data outside of defined jurisdictions. These laws are not only broad, but they are also constantly evolving.  This can keep organizations looking to do business internationally on the side lines when it comes to cloud adoption.

Cloud Data Security Challenges


Additionally, because cloud computing relies on a globally distributed infrastructure to generate economies of scale, cloud service providers store data all over the globe, and data often travels to foreign datacentres for cost and redundancy reasons. This makes compliance with data residency laws and guidelines challenging.

A Countermeasure to Uncertainty


The combination of a shifting regulatory climate and data disclosure battles playing out in courtrooms around the world is creating uncertainty and risk for organizations with a desire to shift more activities to the cloud. Encryption of data destined to the cloud, while not a silver bullet, provides substantial risk mitigation to organizations working with sensitive data and/or operating across international borders.

Office 365 Encryption

Vaultive & Data Residency 


Vaultive addresses the jurisdictional and residency requirements of data processed in third-party services via control of encryption keys and the application of persistent encryption. Business data that is encrypted when it passes through the Vaultive proxy at the boundary of the business’ network remains encrypted even when processed by and stored within a cloud service provider environment.

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