Cloud Data

Security & Privacy

Ensure that only your organization

can access your data.

Unauthorized Cloud

Data Disclosure 


Many enterprises have cloud data security concerns about unauthorized disclosure: namely a cloud service provider handing over their data in response to a government subpoena.  For risk-conscious organizations this can be a barrier to cloud service adoption.

Blind Subpoenas


Often, cloud providers only notify customers that data was turned over to the government after the fact, if at all. In some instances, they may even be expressly prohibited from notifying customers. This risk prevents many organizations from migrating sensitive or confidential data to the cloud

Encryption with Vaultive


Vaultive ensures customers retain full control over their data. When the cloud service provider responds to a subpoena, only encrypted data is provided. The only way to gain access to the clear text data is by engaging directly with the data owner to decrypt it.  This approach ensures transparency and gives organizations a chance to challenge the request.

Office 365 Encryption

Vaultive Cloud Data Security & Privacy


Through encryption-in-use capabilities, Vaultive allows customers to:

  • Encrypt the data before it leaves the trusted network, and persistently encrypt the data while it’s stored and processed at the cloud service provider.
  • Retain control through encryption key ownership and pre-cloud encryption.
  • Maintain service functionality and end user experience, including Outlook client functionality in the case of Exchange Online.

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