Vaultive for Legal Organizations


Although cloud service providers invest heavily in security, several gaps in functionality still exist, including their ability to access your data. Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of the information that legal organizations process daily, they are increasingly high-profile targets for cyber crime.


Because maintaining client confidentially at all times is a core business and ethical requirement at any law firm, this creates a significant roadblock for legal organizations looking to benefit from the cost savings and scalability the cloud offers.

Unified Cloud Security & Governance


Each new cloud service you introduce into your environment comes with its own, disparate set of native security controls. The gaps in these, along with the potential for human error, mean additional risk for your business. Vaultive gives you full control over how your cloud data is protected by applying consistent encryption and policy controls to data before it leaves your network and flows to the cloud. Additional auditing capabilities are also available for IT teams who need maintain granular visibility beyond their on-premises perimeter.

Feature-Preserving Encryption


Our patented encryption technology allows you to encrypt both structured and unstructured data before it flows into the cloud and gives your IT teams sole control of the keys. Even though data remains encrypted during its entire lifecycle, our feature-preserving approach ensures that experience and application functionality are preserved for end users.  This ensures only authorized users from your organization and not third-parties, like your cloud service provider, can access cleartext data.

Prevent Unauthorized Disclosures


By law, cloud providers must comply with government data requests, and in some instances, they are barred from informing customers that data was accessed. For law firms who need to maintain client confidentiality, this often one of the main concerns cited when considering a move to the cloud.  Because Vaultive ensures data never leaves an organization unencrypted and your organization has sole control of the keys, any request for cleartext data must be rerouted to the Vaultive customer, giving your team control over the conversation and next steps.

Auditing & Alerting


While most cloud services offer some form of native auditing and reporting, it’s usually not enough for IT teams to ensure appropriate and compliant usage across their entire cloud footprint. Vaultive lets organizations extend their visibility further to monitor and log granular activity, transactions, and user attributes. IT teams can export the collected data to their preferred security information and event management (SIEM) tool for analysis and reporting.

 Looking to for a way to consistently secure and govern your cloud footprint? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.