Latest Vaultive Patent Highlights Leadership in Feature-Preserving Cloud Data Security

Fifth Patent in Company’s Portfolio Demonstrates Growing Value of Cloud Security Techniques that Preserve User Experience

BOSTON, SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 – Vaultive, a cloud data security company, today announced a new patent for technology that allows IT teams to maintain exclusive control over data hosted in the cloud while preserving a seamless software-as-a-service (SaaS) application user experience. U.S. patent number 9,444,793, the fifth issued to Vaultive, focuses on the innovative techniques the company uses to prevent SaaS providers from being able to access customer data while preserving the ability for server-side functions like searching and sorting to operate properly for users.

“As the use of cloud services explodes, many enterprises and companies operating in heavily regulated industries are held back by concerns over how and when their data can be accessed while it’s under the control of the cloud provider, said Ben Matzkel, founder, and CTO of Vaultive. “While most major cloud providers take reasonable steps to protect cloud-hosted data from leaking, the fact that they always have the ability to access customer data at will is both a security risk and a regulatory compliance issue for enterprises in various industries and geographies.”

Vaultive’s Cloud Data Security Platform addresses this challenge by encrypting data before it is transmitted to the cloud and giving the data owner–not the cloud provider–sole custody of the encryption keys. Vaultive’s patented technology uses industry-trusted building blocks to preserve the capabilities of the SaaS application, including the ability to search and sort data, without ever decrypting data in the cloud. This allows organizations to adopt cloud services in a manner that is both user-friendly and aligned with major data security requirements such as:

  • Compliance with industry-specific regulations
  • Government and law enforcement data request visibility
  • Compliance with international data residency and privacy laws

Frequently shifting requirements across these areas have left many security-conscious IT leaders reluctant to adopt cloud services. For example, the European Union is now implementing a sweeping new General Data Privacy Regulation that includes penalties of up to the greater of €20 million or 4% of a company’s annual revenue for poor data management practices. Also, Microsoft has two active lawsuits against the U.S. government over the government’s ability to compel cloud providers to turn over customer data, often without notification to the owner. Vaultive’s approach mitigates these risks by giving organizations more direct and exclusive control over data stored in the cloud.

“Despite the many benefits that cloud services offer, many organizations simply aren’t willing or aren’t allowed to outsource the protection of their data to their cloud provider,” said Matzkel. “Vaultive’s innovative approach to cloud data security differentiates between data ownership and location: while sensitive data is located at a cloud vendor’s data center, encryption with customer-held keys leaves actual ownership with the company that owns that information. Our platform allows even the most risk-averse organizations to speed their adoption of cloud services without giving up control or degrading user experience.”

Vaultive will provide an in-depth look at how feature-preserving cloud data security techniques can be applied to Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services during an upcoming webinar on September 21, 2016, at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Online registration is now available.

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Vaultive, a cloud data security company, enables organizations to move securely to the cloud. The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform encrypts data before it goes to the cloud and gives sole custody of the encryption keys to the customer. This approach gives organizations complete control and ownership of their data wherever it resides while delivering a seamless experience to software-as-a-service users. Vaultive is headquartered in Boston with research and development in Tel Aviv. For more information, visit:

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