Vaultive for Insurance Organizations


Consistently secure and govern personally identifiable information (PPI) in customer data across all software-as-a-service (SaaS) and custom web applications in your organization with a powerful combination of context-aware policy controls, feature-preserving encryption, and audit and alert capabilities.

The Challenge


Operational security is a core competency for major cloud vendors. However, relying solely on a cloud vendor’s native security controls is insufficient for many insurance organizations for two main reasons:


  • Each new cloud service platform magnifies the risk and complexity in your environment. This leads to inconsistency in security levels for different platforms, which increases management complexity and the chance of human error.
  • Cloud service providers have access to cleartext PII data, which creates challenges in the areas of data privacy, unauthorized disclosure (legal or otherwise), data sovereignty, and industry compliance like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Unified Cloud Security and Governance


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform is a unified security and governance solution that protects sensitive user activities and data across an organization’s cloud security footprint through a powerful combination of:


  • Context-aware policy controls
  • Feature-preserving encryption
  • Audits and alerts


The Vaultive platform integrates rapidly with both new cloud services and custom web applications to protect data and promote secure, compliant application usage.

Context-Aware Policy Controls


The Vaultive policy engine monitors user interactions with SaaS and customer web applications. When high-risk activities are detected, it responds automatically to elevate protection, which ensures consistent security and governance for your organization’s entire cloud footprint.

Cloud Application Privilege Management

Enforce user privileges at a more granular level than native SaaS platform controls either by unobtrusively guiding user behavior with informational messages, or more actively by blocking certain application usage patterns.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Inspect cloud computing activities and redact prohibited data types that may contain PII or other sensitive material. Focus detection on data characteristics (such as social security or credit card numbers) or reference your organization’s defined data sets and data classification definitions.

Continuous Cloud Authentication

Enforce re-authentication or two-factor authentication if your users perform high-risk behaviors or access sensitive data. The Vaultive platform can interoperate with leading identity and access management (IAM) platforms to apply authentication in an intelligent and consistent manner.

Feature-Preserving Encryption


With Vaultive, your organization can encrypt both structured and unstructured data in the cloud and ensure that your team retains sole control of the encryption key(s). This enforces best-practice segregation of duties between you and your cloud service provider.


Our unique approach to encryption preserves features, such as server-side search and sort, to ensure a seamless experience for application users, all without compromising security or scalability.

Auditing and Alerting


Vaultive gives IT teams the ability to create rule definitions for specific types of user workflows that can be logged in real-time. The log format and transmission method is highly customizable, so event information can be transmitted to an organization’s data analysis or SIEM tools of choice.

Future-Proof Your Approach


Vaultive has the flexibility to onboard mainstream SaaS applications, niche applications, and even custom web applications quickly. It can apply a broad set of cloud security protections to your organization’s data, including patented, feature-preserving cloud encryption capabilities.


This power and flexibility allows organizations like yours to address immediate cloud security challenges while also implementing a future-proof model for your ongoing security needs.

Looking for a unified way to secure and govern cloud data in all your IT-Sanctioned Applications? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.