Vaultive protects  structured and unstructured data in Microsoft Office 365 applications, allowing organizations to move sensitive business functions like email, calendaring, and collaboration to the cloud without relinquishing data security and privacy control to Microsoft.

Proactive Office 365 Security


Vaultive gives organizations the tools to automate cloud data security in Office 365 environments using feature-preserving encryption and policy-based controls without impacting user experience or application functionality.



Vaultive for Office 365 Security

Data Security & Privacy


Microsoft’s ability to access clear text data in Office 365 environments can be a roadblock to cloud adoption for some organizations. Using Vaultive’s Office 365 encryption and policy-control features, organizations can automatically ensure sensitive data is never accessible to unauthorized third parties. Any data obtained as a result of a Microsoft data breach or secret government data request is always unintelligible to unauthorized third-parties.

Ensure Compliance


Moving sensitive data to the cloud can complicate compliance, but Vaultive ensures IT teams maintain control over data hosted by third-party cloud service providers. Organizations can encrypt sensitive data before it leaves their trusted network and retain sole custody of the keys. This helps IT teams demonstrate data ownership and appropriate technical safeguards for mandates such as FFIEC, EU GDPR, ITAR, and PCI-DSS, as well as internal policies.

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Unmatched Exchange Online Encryption and Protection


Vaultive protects unstructured data in Exchange Online at every potential point of cloud exposure for multiple protocols. Users can use their devices and email clients of choice, and IT teams benefit from compatibility with key administration and management functions, including eDiscovery and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services.

Centralized Administration


Our product provides a centralized point of administration for topology and gateway setup, deployment, and key management. As a hierarchical CASB architecture, the Vaultive platform enables Office 365 encryption and policy-control protection for thousands of users through a single user-friendly management interface.

Office 365 Encryption

Enterprise-Grade Architecture


Vaultive can be deployed on-premises, at a trusted data center, or in a cloud environment as a virtual appliance. The platform’s scalable, highly available architecture features:


  • Built-in load balancing and automatic fail-over capabilities
  • Distributed topology for global deployments with centralized management
  • Industry-leading data processing performance
  • Ability to deploy redundant virtual machines across multiple sites

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