Vaultive for Non-Profit Organizations


Many non-profit organizations, particularly those focused on human rights, face high stakes when it comes to data security. Along with the ongoing threat of cyber attacks and high-profile donor data that requires protection, many non-profits also face the risk of non-consensual cloud data exposure to public entities through blind subpoenas.

Unified Cloud Security & Governance


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform lets IT security teams at non-profits overcome potential security and compliance issues in the cloud. Our approach, which includes strong encryption and granular policy controls, provides a proactive defense against unauthorized data access and security threats caused by user errors or carelessness.

Cloud Encryption


Vaultive gives you full control over your data by applying encryption before data flows into the cloud and giving your IT team sole access to the encryption keys. This ensures a best practice segregation of duties between the cloud service provider processing your data and you, the data controller.


Avoid Blind Subpoenas


With Vaultive, because your organization maintains sole control of your encryption keys, any subpoena served to a cloud service provider will result in unreadable, encrypted data. In order to acquire cleartext data, requests must be routed directly to your organization, where your legal team can advise on and control the next steps your team takes.

Cloud Data Governance


The Vaultive platform also enables IT teams to extend granular policy and access controls to their organization’s sensitive cloud data. From redacting confidential information with data loss protection (DLP) policies to enforcing cloud privilege management and access control, your IT team can use the platform to ensure they maintain control over cloud data no matter where it’s processed or stored.

Auditing & Alerting


Vaultive gives your IT team the ability to create rule definitions for specific types of user workflows that can be logged in real-time. The log format and transmission method are highly customizable, and event information can be transmitted to an organization’s data analysis or security information and event management (SIEM) tools of choice.

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