Non-Profits and Vaultive


Non-profit organizations face a constant challenge to keep operational costs low to maximize the financial resources available to support their core mission. This ongoing pressure makes software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other cloud services very appealing.


The problem? Many non-profit organizations–particularly those focused on human rights and other sensitive issues–face high stakes when it comes to data security. Along with the ongoing threat of attack from those with opposing views, many non-profits also face the risk that sensitive data in the cloud may be disclosed to a government in response to a subpoena without their consent.


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform solves this problem by encrypting data before it is sent to the cloud and giving the data owner sole custody of the encryption keys. In addition to protecting sensitive data in the cloud from potential attackers, this approach also forces any government inquiries to be directed to the non-profit directly–not to their cloud service provider.

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