Healthcare and Vaultive


Healthcare organizations face constant pressure to deliver high-quality IT services to caregivers as cost-effectively as possible. Adopting cloud service offerings supports this mission, but HIPAA-HITECH and other regulations mandating ongoing protection for personal healthcare information (PHI) are often a major obstacle to cloud initiatives.


So how do healthcare organizations navigate the conflicts between business imperatives and HIPAA-HITECH compliance requirements while moving their email and other critical IT services to the cloud?


It often starts with securing HIPAA business associate agreements (BAAs) from Microsoft and other cloud vendors in use. While securing BAAs supports compliance efforts, there is more that healthcare organizations can do ensure that PHI data is protected.


The Vaultive Cloud Security Security Platform delivers true control and protection of PHI data in the cloud. Because data is encrypted before it ever sent to the cloud–and only the healthcare organization holds they keys–even a major security compromise at a cloud provider will not expose PHI data.

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