Vaultive for Healthcare Organizations


From patient records to billing data, healthcare organizations process their customers’ most sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). With the increase of cloud adoption in the healthcare industry, it’s critical that IT security teams extend security and governance controls to patient data flowing out of their environments.

Unified Cloud Security & Governance


Healthcare organizations face constant pressure to deliver high-quality IT services to caregivers and patients as cost-effectively as possible. Adopting the cloud can offer significant advantages, but it also comes with unique data security challenges.


Vaultive adds additional encryption, policy, and auditing controls independently of your cloud service providers. It’s a proven way for organizations in high-risk verticals like healthcare to fully entrust their data to a cloud provider without giving up control, achieving a better security posture overall.

Cloud Encryption


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform delivers true control and protection of PHI and PII in the cloud. Because data is encrypted before it’s ever sent to the cloud, and only the healthcare organization holds the keys, even a security compromise at a cloud provider will not result in the exposure sensitive data. The platform’s feature-preserving encryption approach ensures that a cloud service’s native functions, such as search and sort, perform as expected for end users.

Simplify Compliance


While securing HIPAA business associate agreements (BAAs) from Microsoft and other cloud service providers supports compliance efforts, there is more that healthcare organizations can do to ensure that PHI and PII data is protected. Vaultive allows you to demonstrate complete control over your data regardless of where it is stored because unencrypted data never leaves your organization or is redacted through data loss protection policies.

Policy & Access Controls


Vaultive helps IT security teams enforce least privilege and ensure that only users who are authorized can access PII and PHI data. Additionally, as doctors and other healthcare professionals roam, the platform can require users to authenticate or step-up their authentication when accessing sensitive data or when performing high-risk transactions in the cloud.

Auditing & Alerting for Your Needs


Vaultive not only consolidates information furnished by your cloud service provider but also generates log data for added visibility. Informational data about cloud security can be assembled and transmitted to your organization’s preferred security information and event management (SIEM) system, or the most urgent alerts can be sent straight to your IT security team through email. When submitting to an audit, your organization can use Vaultive’s logs to provide strong and defensible evidence that your cloud data is secure and never left your IT team’s control.

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