Vaultive for Financial Services


As a financial services organization, you need to remain competitive by adopting new technologies, like the cloud, to save costs and provide better service to your customers. However, concerns over data security can keep you on the sidelines.


Financial institutions are subject to a broad array of compliance requirements, such as the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) in the United States, and an increasing number of stringent data privacy and residency regulations around the world. The Vaultive Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides you with a broad set of cloud security features that simplify compliance and protect cloud data across all SaaS applications in your organization.


Advanced Cloud Encryption

Industry-leading cloud encryption capabilities protect both structured and unstructured data with customer-controlled keys and support for advanced use cases like cross-platform encrypted email, file import/export, secure web chat, and field-level searchable encryption.

Privilege Management

An application-aware policy engine enforces user privileges consistently across SaaS applications, with granularity that far exceeds the native controls offered by cloud service providers.

Alerting and Analytics

The same analysis engine that actively enforces security controls can passively log suspicious cloud activities and transmit to third-party security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

A data-inspection engine monitors information transmitted to the cloud and performs actions such as selective data redaction or file block and quarantine based on data characteristics or data lookups against company data sources

Apply Security Best-Practices


Best-practice cloud security requires more than just discovery. When it comes to heavily regulated industries, like financial services, Vaultive has a track record of helping organizations realize the benefits of the public cloud without compromising security.


Our technology automatically encrypts data before cloud exposure and enforces policy-controls to ensure a Segregation of Duties between you and your cloud provider. Because data remains encrypted during its entire lifecycle, cleartext data is never accessible by unauthorized third parties, including the cloud provider.

Simplify Compliance


Because cloud providers have access to your cleartext data, auditing can become complicated as you migrate business processes to the public cloud. Vaultive ensures that data ever leaves an organization unencrypted, and audit logs allowing you to maintain visibility beyond your on-premises perimeter. When submitting to an audit, you can provide strong and defensible proof that your cloud data is secure and never left your IT team’s control.

Reduce Breach Notifications 


Data privacy and residency regulations are taking an aggressive stance on data breaches, increasingly requiring notifications if unauthorized access occurs. Organizations using a strong end-to-end encryption solution like Vaultive can not only show they are taking appropriate steps to mitigate risk, but they can also reduce or avoid required notifications. Any obtained data would be encrypted and therefore useless to the unauthorized party. This saves both brand reputation and financial resources in the event of a data breach.

Looking to secure and govern cloud data in all your IT-Sanctioned Applications? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.