Vaultive for Financial Services


In addition to being prime targets for cyberattacks, financial institutions are subject to a number of compliance requirements, such as the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) in the United States, and an increasing number of stringent data privacy and residency regulations around the world. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform provides you with a comprehensive set of cloud security features that simplify compliance and protect cloud data across all SaaS applications in your organization.

Unified Cloud Security and Governance


Executives at financial organizations are looking to the cloud to reduce costs and deliver competitive services to customers and employees more quickly. However, security and compliance concerns can keep an organization from executing on a single migration, let alone the adoption of multiple services, regardless of the many benefits of the cloud.


Vaultive helps organizations remove the security concerns and simplify compliance by applying consistent encryption and policy controls to data before it leaves your network and flows to the cloud. For IT teams who need to maintain granular visibility beyond their on-premises perimeter, additional auditing and alerting features help them stay in control of their data.

Remain in Control of Your Data


Vaultive’s patented encryption technology ensures that your data is encrypted, with keys that you control, before it ever reaches a cloud service. Only authorized users in your organization can access your data because it remains encrypted through all stages of its lifecycle, while in transit, at rest, and even while being processed by the cloud service provider. Our feature-preserving approach ensures uninterrupted application and platform functionality, while data remains segregated from your cloud service provider.

Simplify Compliance


As you migrate business processes to the public cloud, the access cloud providers have to your cleartext data can complicate auditing. Vaultive allows you to demonstrate complete control over your data regardless of where it is stored because unencrypted data never leaves your organization and it is redacted through data loss protection policies. Additional audit logs will enable you to maintain visibility beyond your on-premises perimeter. When submitting to an audit, you can provide strong and defensible proof that your cloud data is secure and never left your IT team’s control.

Reduce Breach Notification Requirements


Data privacy and residency regulations have more aggressive notification requirements on data breaches. Organizations using a strong end-to-end encryption solution like Vaultive can demonstrate the appropriate steps are in place to mitigate risk while also reducing or avoiding the required breach notifications. Any obtained data would be encrypted and therefore useless to the unauthorized party, saving both brand reputation and financial resources in the event of a data breach.

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