Dynamics 365 Security

Vaultive ensures that organizations achieve best practices for securing and governing their cloud data in Microsoft
Dynamics 365.

Proactive Dynamics 365 Security


Microsoft’s ability to access cleartext data in Dynamics 365 raises a new set of cloud security challenges. It’s important that organizations take proactive steps to secure not only Dynamics 365, but other IT-sanctioned SaaS applications in their portfolio. A unified cloud security approach reduces both complexity and overall risk.

Solution Brief

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Control Encryption Keys


The Vaultive platform applies encryption to data before it leaves the trusted corporate network. By maintaining direct physical ownership of the keys, IT teams retain complete control over their data, even when it’s stored and processed in a third-party environment. Feature-preserving encryption techniques ensure that the user experience and application functionality work as expected.

Prevent Unauthorized Disclosure


Government data requests are on the rise. By law, cloud service providers must comply with subpoenas for customer data, but often they are forbidden from notifying customers about disclosures to the authorities. However, with Vaultive, any Dynamics 365 data provided by Microsoft would be unreadable. Without the keys, which are under the exclusive control of the data owner, officials must reroute their request for decrypted data directly to the Vaultive customer.

Comply with Regulatory Mandates


Organizations subject to industry and regulatory mandates, such as EU GDPR, who embrace the cloud without the appropriate technical safeguards might find themselves noncompliant. Because Vaultive ensures data never leaves an organization unencrypted, customers can demonstrate control over their data during an audit, or if compliance is challenged.

Built to Scale


The Vaultive CASB was designed to meet the demands of large, globally distributed enterprises and uses a hierarchical management model that delivers a broad set of performance and scalability features, including:


• Integrated capabilities for load balancing and high availability

• Stateless architecture that enables disaster recovery failover across distributed sites

• Linear horizontal (machines) and near-linear vertical (CPU/RAM) scalability as usage load grows

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