The power and flexibility of Vaultive’s Cloud Security Platform allows organizations like yours to quickly onboard and secure new applications while also implementing a future-proof model for your on-going cloud security needs.

Cloud Integration Challenges


While it’s natural to focus your initial cloud security strategy on today’s needs, it’s likely that your cloud footprint will grow and that new protection requirements will emerge. It’s important to select a cloud security partner that is flexible enough to meet your ongoing cloud security needs.

The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform


Vaultive’s architecture was designed to address these challenges. Rather than implementing fragile hard-coded integrations with specific SaaS platforms, as most vendors do, Vaultive created a Cloud Integration Studio (CIS) that enables rapid integration of new SaaS applications without the need for custom software development.

Quickly Enable Three Critical Cloud Security and Governance Essentials in Your Applications 

Feature-Preserving Encryption

Maintain exclusive custody of encryption keys and preserve user experience.

Context-Aware Policy Control

Enforce policies in real-time based on user behavior and data contents.

Auditing & Alerting

Feed timely cloud risk information to analytics and SEIM systems for analysis.

How it Works


An intuitive, web-based interface to models user interactions with a specific cloud application and enables non-developers to create policy definitions that apply protections in real-time, based on user behavior and other factors such as identity, device, and geolocation.


This methodology prevents a static supported application list or product roadmap from holding back your cloud security strategy.

Unified Cloud Security and Governance 


If you do decide that a third-party cloud security solution is right for you, it’s important to plan for both the present and the future. Vaultive already protects many leading SaaS platforms for our customers. We’re using the Vaultive Cloud Integration Studio to add more all the time. So, if you have a specific application you need to secure, let us show you how easy it will be to add it.

Looking to secure and govern cloud data for a specific application? Schedule a Vaultive demo to see our unique approach in action.