Cloud Privilege Management and Access Control



While many organizations have used privilege management and access control as an effective on-premises security strategy for years, few have explored extending them to their cloud environment in a unified manner.

Vaultive Privilege Management & Access Control


The Vaultive platform extends the best-practice principles of privilege management and access control to the cloud with an application-aware architecture that can observe user interactions with a cloud service and enforce user privileges and access at a much more granular level than native platform controls. This can take the form of non-intrusive guidance that shapes user behavior to conform with corporate policies through informational messages, or by actively blocking the use of specific application workflows that are a security or compliance risk.

Proactive Cloud Security


Privilege management and access control are critical security measures for cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) where the actions of a single administrator can cause downtime or additional spend with just a few clicks. Similar challenges include users accessing cloud services on a compromised device or the unsecured Wi-Fi at the coffee shop. Because of this, it’s critical that enterprises implementing a multi-platform cloud strategy ensure they enable privilege management and access control in their cloud environments.

Context Driven Access Controls


With Vaultive, access to a cloud service can be governed based on the observation of a wide range of pre-defined triggers, including, but not limited to: user identity, location, use of specific data fields, device or browser characteristics, sensitivity of transaction (e.g., bulk export of files), and application usage patterns.

Enforce Least Privilege


Using Vaultive to apply granular privilege management to cloud-based administration interfaces allows organizations to enforce the principle of least privilege on critical cloud infrastructure controls without compromising productivity. For example, IT team members can have the access necessary to complete routine tasks, while risker activities can be blocked or subjected to business justification and approval before they can be executed.

Unified Cloud Security


Without consistent privilege management and access controls in place, each new cloud service you introduce increases risk by resulting in varying levels of security for different platforms and increases the chance of human error. With Vaultive, you can achieve superior security and scalability over a myriad of inconsistent, vendor-specific approaches.

Future-Proof Approach to Cloud Security


Vaultive ensures you can apply privilege management and access controls to the cloud services that are important to your business, even if they are custom web applications built in-house. Rather than implementing fragile, hard-coded integrations, Vaultive enables the rapid integration of new SaaS applications without the need for custom software development. Non-developers can use an intuitive, web-based interface to model user interactions with specific cloud applications and create policy definitions that apply protections in real-time.

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