Cloud Encryption


Moving data to the cloud means giving up some measure of control over your data. The fact that cloud service providers can decrypt and access data at will causes significant roadblocks for some companies, introducing risk and complicating industry and regulatory compliance. Vaultive helps organizations overcome this obstacle by extending the security best-practice of encryption to your cloud environment.


Vaultive Cloud Encryption


As with many other aspects of information security, segregation of duties is a best practice for companies doing business in the cloud. While many vendors offer some form of encryption, Vaultive is unique in that it encrypts cloud data before it flows into the cloud and gives the customer sole control of the keys, all while preserving the SaaS or custom web application user experience.

cloud encryption

Reduce Risk & Simplify Compliance


Because Vaultive eliminates a cloud service provider’s ability to decrypt and access data, we address key business challenges such as concern over secret government access to data, regulatory compliance requirements, and international data-residency laws—issues that might otherwise prevent some organizations from conducting business in the cloud.

Feature-Preserving Capabilities


Vaultive encryption preserves features that provide a seamless experience for application users, without weakening the core encryption algorithm. It also preserves the statelessness of the Vaultive platform by removing the need for any type of on-premises data index. This greatly simplifies infrastructure scaling and failover.

Enterprise Scalability and Reliability


The Vaultive platform’s scalability and reliability has been proven in some of the world’s most demanding, globally distributed enterprise IT environments. It features a distributed, hierarchical management model, and a broad set of performance and scalability features that include:

  • Integrated load-balancing and high-availability capabilities.
  • Imperceptible network latency when operating in inline mode
  • A stateless architecture that enables disaster recovery failover across locations.
  • Linear horizontal (machines) and near-linear vertical (CPU/RAM) scalability as usage load grows.

 Looking to for a way to consistently secure and govern your cloud footprint? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.