Cloud DLP


Even if a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or custom web application is IT-sanctioned, there are still some data types that IT security teams would prefer not flow into the cloud. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform can monitor what your users are transmitting to your cloud services and act in real time to redact sensitive information or file-block and quarantine high-risk attachments.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


The Vaultive platform can also inspect cloud computing activities and detect the transmission of prohibited data types. Detection can focus on data characteristics (such as social security or credit card numbers) or can reference a company’s explicitly defined data sets and data classification definitions. If unauthorized data transmissions are detected, the Vaultive platform can perform actions such as selective data redaction or file-block and quarantine.

cloud encryption

Reduce Risk & Simplify Compliance


Blocking certain types of data from ever being stored in the cloud, particularly personally identifiable information (PII), can not only reduce risk but also simplify compliance with industry and data privacy regulations. Because of this, many organizations that have used DLP on-premises for years to protect their data are now using Vaultive to extend the same capabilities to their cloud environment.

How it Works


Vaultive can inspect user sessions for both customer-defined terms and data classification labels, and general data types such as social security and credit card numbers. If a user tries to enter a prohibited data type into a structured data field, Vaultive has the ability to:

  • Selectively redact the information in question.
  • Detect prohibited data in commonly used files such as Microsoft Office documents.
  • Block users from attaching a file
  • Display a message describing the policy enforcement.

Unified Cloud Data Security & Governance


The Vaultive platform helps you secure data across all of your organization’s ever-growing number of cloud platforms to achieve superior security and scalability over the alternative of inconsistent, vendor-specific approaches.


Our application-aware policy engine monitors user interaction with SaaS applications or custom web applications and automatically enforces consistent security and governance on all cloud computing activities.

 Looking to for a way to consistently secure and govern your cloud footprint? Schedule a Vaultive demo today to see our unique approach in action.