Auditing & Alerting


While many cloud providers offer activity logs and reporting APIs, they vary from one service to the next and are limited to the information each provider chooses to make available. Vaultive enhances the reporting and activity logs of your cloud services, providing your IT security team with the granular data and visibility they need to protect your environment.

Auditing & Alerting for Cloud Services


A key aspect of any sound cloud data security strategy is to maintain visibility beyond your on-premises perimeter. Vaultive not only consolidates information furnished by your cloud service provider but also generates log data for added visibility. Informational data about cloud security can be assembled and transmitted to leading third-party data analytics tools.

Flexibility & Granularity


Vaultive gives IT teams the ability to create rule definitions for specific types of user workflows that can be logged in real-time. The log format and transmission methods are highly customizable so that event information can be transmitted to an organization’s data analysis or security information and event management (SIEM) tools of choice.

Simplify Security & Compliance


The Vaultive platform’s dynamic auditing, monitoring, and reporting engine can be configured to meet enterprise security standards and compliance requirements, enabling centralized visibility into all of your cloud services.

Real-Time Alerts


In addition to supporting SIEM tools, the Vaultive Cloud Security Platform can equip IT security teams to respond immediately to potential threats or non-compliant user activity. Customers can configure Vaultive to send email alerts when abnormal or high-risk behavior is detected within their cloud environment.

Support for Custom Web Applications


Visibility can be a challenge when your environment contains multiple custom or niche cloud applications. Vaultive’s architecture addresses these challenges proactively by enabling rapid integration of new applications without the need for custom software development. This allows organizations to protect their custom web applications alongside commercial software-as-a-service applications using through a unified security and governance approach.

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