The Vaultive platform extends the same set of controls used to protect IT-sanctioned software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows organizations to apply a unified set of security and governance controls applications to their entire cloud footprint.

Vaultive for AWS


The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform reduces risk by augmenting native AWS security and allowing organizations to extend granular policy controls to any AWS transaction.

AWS Security

Simply Compliance


The Vaultive platform enforces granular policy controls, ensuring user behavior and application usage is compliant with your corporate and IT policies. Additionally, it enables you to audit the types of actions that users are taking in your cloud environment, providing valuable transparency across all of your AWS instances.

Enhance Security


Even if an administrator’s AWS credentials or device are compromised, Vaultive provides an additional layer of security, through means of granular access controls. The Vaultive platform can be configured to require re-authentication or set-up authentication with your preferred identity and access management (IAAM) vendor based on criteria you select.

Solution Brief

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AWS Security

Prevent Downtime


Moving critical infrastructure to the cloud means losing direct control over your physical IT infrastructure and more users with access. The Vaultive Platform can automatically detect and remediate high-risk behaviors in your AWS account such as a user deleting instances or changing sensitive configurations. Using Vaultive, you can ensure you remain in control requiring administer approval or step-up authentication for specific transactions.

Reduce Spend


With Vaultive, IT leaders can require users to input a business justification for (or block) specific AWS transactions. Additional approval requirements can also be implemented such as requiring users to seek administrator approval to launch a new virtual instance if they have exceeded their limit.

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