Vaultive Encryption Platform

Vaultive’s configurable encryption engine secures and protects data in almost any cloud-based service, including custom software. Vaultive’s extensible encryption in use platform supports a broad range of standard Web protocols, and provides a set of options for customers to define field-level enforcement policies for software as a service (SaaS) applications based on security, compliance and governance requirements.

Vaultive Encryption Platform

Vaultive Encryption Platform Feature Overview

  • Strong encryption scheme that can implement AES 256-bit encryption with nearly any cloud application – no use made of deterministic word-level encryption to preserve server-side functionality.
  • Operates as a network-level proxy, encrypting data at the edge of your corporate network, before sending it to the cloud service provider – serving as a demarcation point between the cloud and corporate network.
  • No changes or modifications are required to target SaaS applications to implement encryption in use.
  • The customer always retains the encryption keys – ensuring adherence to cloud security best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Server-side functionality, such as search, sort and indexing is maintained without ever decrypting the data.
  • No additional database is required to enable processing, such as indexing, of persistently encrypted cloud data.
  • Vaultive does not cache or store data to maintain application functionality.

“No changes are made to the SaaS applications; and server-side functionality, such as search, sort and indexing is maintained without ever decrypting the data.”

With Vaultive’s persistent encryption in place, customers can rest assured knowing that in the event of a data breach, inadvertent exposure by an administrator or disclosure in response to a subpoena, only encrypted gibberish is exposed.