Check out what Vaultive’s Advantage Partners are Saying:

BitTitan - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Our partnership with Vaultive gives small and mid-sized businesses peace of mind when moving to the cloud and puts them back in control of their data. Because the service is fully automated and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure and management, it is the right solution for SMBs’ needs.”
Geeman Yip, CEO, BitTitan
Combo - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“We have been helping businesses in Australia take advantage of the power and flexibility of cloud computing for many years. In that time the biggest stopping point has been compliance with data security and privacy concerns. With the encryption solution from Vaultive and the knowledge and experience of the Combo team we can now help more people to take advantage of the technology they need to be freed from the shackles of private infrastructure.” – David Markus, Founder and MD, Combo
immixGroup - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Organizations are increasingly realizing significant value in cloud adoption. We are excited to support Vaultive through our public sector aggregation platform and provide the resources to help them grow their public sector business.” – Steve Charles, Co-founder& Executive Vice President, immixGroup
Maureen Data Systems - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“MDS has realized tremendous momentum in promoting, selling, and deploying Microsoft Office 365 in the SMB market segment and are delighted to be working closely with Vaultive. Of all the third party tools for Office 365 to emerge recently, the unique Vaultive encryption solution is undeniably the most important and useful one for our clients that have concerns over the ownership and control of confidential data stored in the cloud. Especially now, when major questions and concerns are headlining the evening news regarding security breaches, privacy issues, government legislation and its power to subpoena and seize electronic communications. Ownership and control of corporate data is more than ever of paramount importance to companies of all sizes in nearly every vertical. With Vaultive’s elegantly simple methodology, CEOs can sleep well knowing that their private data remains private.” – Maureen Lande, President at Maureen Data Systems
Cloud Strategies - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“CloudStrategies’ mission is to work with businesses to realize the benefits of the cloud and, in particular, Microsoft’s Online Services. Many of our prospective clients have been hesitant to move email to the cloud based on security concerns; Vaultive removes these concerns. Our employees are always on the go and email is critical for effective communication. We knew if Vaultive could handle our tough demands that we could confidently sell and deliver Vaultive solutions to our customers.”
Pete Zarras, top-ranking member of Microsoft’s exclusive Cloud Champions Club, Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and CEO of CloudStrategies.
Core - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Core BTS is a technology services company that envisions, executes and enables business, infrastructure and operational value for 2500+ clients. To deliver this value, Core partners with the growth-focused, innovative organizations, such as Vaultive, to provide a suite of solutions that help customers increase productivity and reduce risk across their organization.” – Bill Wilshire, Senior Vice President of Professional Services, Core BTS
New Signature - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“New Signature is an IT consulting and managed services provider that works with customers to maximize their Microsoft investment and deploy Microsoft Office 365. Vaultive’s cloud data encryption product empowers our mutual customers to realize the cost savings, enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies of Office 365 while maintaining data security and control. Working with Vaultive, New Signature helps our customers quickly and effectively overcome the data security, privacy, residency or regulatory compliance concerns that can sometimes block deployment of Office 365.” – Christopher Hertz, CEO, New Signature
CTTL - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Caribbean TECH TrendZ Ltd (CTTL) is proud to Partner with Vaultive; together we will play a pivotal role in Cloud Data Protection and control of their data assets for Organizations in the Caribbean. More companies are looking to the cloud but are concerned with security, and finally there is way to fundamentally address this operational risk.
” – D.M.Ramdathsingh, CEO, CTTL
Idor - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Ensuring privacy of sensitive corporate information is a challenge and requirement for every organization. Our expertise is in mapping, locating, and encrypting corporate sensitive information. Cloud adoption is increasingly growing among organizations who realize the value and benefits of utilizing cloud technology. Now, with the innovative technology offered by Vaultive for maintaining control and ownership of data while processed by and stored at cloud providers, we are able to provide our customers a complete set of solutions to protect their sensitive information in the cloud.” – Ofer De-Picciotto, CEO, Idor systems Ltd.
Forge- Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Forge Dynamic is a London based consultancy who provides cloud solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Vaultive provides the perfect solution for our clients who want to harness the benefits of Office 365 and Hosted Exchange but are faced with issues of security and regulatory compliance. Forge Dynamic looked at alternative encryption products but quickly realized Vaultive was the only real choice that met all our requirements.” – Ed Benson, Managing Director, Forge Dynamic
Greeneris - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Greeneris is a leading provider of technology solutions in the Polish market based on best practices and industry standards, with a specific focus on driving business value from mobility and cloud services. Our emphasis on a comprehensive approach to IT services and implementation led us to partner with Vaultive, in order to ensure our customers experience both a smooth and secure transition to cloud-based services, in particular Microsoft Office 365, Box, Yammer and CRM Dynamics Online.” – Rafal Stas, Chairman of the Board, Greeneris
Inc Technologies - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Since its inception in 1995, INC has been committed to delivering quality services and products to both clients in both the private and government sectors. As the leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Kuwait and premier provider of Microsoft Office 365 in the Gulf region, we have partnered with Vaultive to provide our customers the necessary confidence and security to more their email services to the cloud.” – Mohammed Zaim, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, INC
QTS - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“QTS delivers highly reliable, Worry-Free™ computer networking and software solutions, on-premise and in the Cloud, helping customers leverage technology to drive business value since 1992.nQTS was named Microsoft’s NY/NJ Partner of the Year for 2008, 2012 and 2013, and has won dozens of awards from Microsoft and other partners. QTS builds long-term relationships as a trusted partner and technology advisor, delivering solutions that help customers achieve their business goals. Our partnership with Vaultive addresses the need for customers to make the move to Office 365 with confidence.” – Neil Rosenberg, President of QTS
Symturk - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“An important element of Symturk’s mission is to tackle the toughest technical security challenges for our enterprise customers and enable adoption of new technologies. Ensuring ownership and controlling the use of cloud data is one of the toughest technology challenges faced by enterprises as they move to the cloud – and we are glad to have Vaultive as a technology partner to address this very significant business problem.” – Burak Dayioglu, MD Symturk
Hill Commerce - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“As one of the first Cloud Accelerate Partners in Germany, we strongly believe that email and collaboration belong in the cloud. However, in order for customers to benefit from the cloud’s flexibility and cost efficiencies, they must have an answer to the requirements for privacy and handling of private data laid out in German legislation. The simple answer is: if it is encrypted, it’s no longer private nor sensitive. When the data owner retains the encryption keys, they once again retain control of access to their data. We have chosen Vaultive as a strategic partner, in order to address this critical adoption hurdle for our customers through transparent encryption.” – Marc Plassmeier, CEO of Hill-Commerce
Agile IT Solutions - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“As a Microsoft Gold Partner and the preferred partner of Microsoft Israel, Agile IT Solutions focuses on the delivery of effective and non-complex solutions to a broad set of challenges faced by IT departments. We look to partners like Vaultive to complement our services and migration expertise with innovative technology solutions for cloud data security and governance. Vaultive’s ability to seamlessly support Office 365 functionality while addressing the need to maintain ownership and control of cloud data, is an important element in enabling broader Office 365 adoption for our customers.” – Eyal Malach, Partner and CEO , Agile IT Solutions
BeneluxSoft - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“BeneluxSoft is excited to have signed a partnership with Vaultive. As a system Integrator of (cloud) security solutions within the BeNeLux region, BeneluxSoft sees Vaultive’s market leading encryption gateways for cloud data as a great addition to its portfolio.” – Nils ‘t Hart, Co-owner, BeneluxSoft
Project Leadership - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Project Leadership has developed an effective solution alignment and rapid migration model to deliver the value of Microsoft Office 365 services to our mid-market and enterprise customers. Customers gain not only the advantage and benefits of accessibility, operational flexibility and availability of Office 365, but also benefit from the investments that Microsoft makes in a secure processing and hosting environment. For those customers for whom governance issues related to separation of controls, compliance, unauthorized disclosure, security and data residency stand in the way of cloud services adoption, Vaultive’s ability to retain data ownership and control of Office 365 data provides a solution.”  – Don Penland, Partner, National Solution Group Leader
Intellect Security - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Intellect’s services and capabilities are synonymous with industry leading data centric security solutions. A strategic partnership with Vaultive provides our customers with access to technology that de-risks their journey to the cloud. – Jon Penney, CEO, Intellect Security Ltd.
Turnberry Solutions - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Our partnership with Vaultive allows us to add data encryption solutions to our cloud offerings. Our customers want to own, control and secure their cloud based data. By adding Vaultive to our client solutions, we can address this business need. Also as a Microsoft Managed Partner, Turnberry Solutions can also supplement our Microsoft offerings with a security solution that ensures a smooth cloud migration for our customers.” – Andy Thatcher, VP, Business Development, Turnberry Solutions, Inc.
Cert2Connect - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“Vaultive’s unique encryption technology provides our clients the necessary tranquility to secure their mailboxes in the Office365 or Hosted Exchange cloud, enabling them to meet regional residency requirements and not being afraid any longer for unauthorized data disclosure or loss. Compliance-ready secure business for everyone.” – Reinier Landsman, Partner at Cert2Connect
Paradyne - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“I have encountered numerous global companies that have wanted to use Office 365 or hosted Exchange but simply couldn’t because of overwhelming privacy, security, legal and regulatory compliance concerns. The fact that Vaultive enables enterprises to maintain complete control over data in the cloud effectively removes all of those concerns.” – Loryan Strant, Microsoft® Office 365 MVP and co-founder/director at Paradyne
ZenData - Vaultive cloud enablement partner
“With so many businesses today operating globally, organizations are faced with the challenge of complying with a host of growing privacy and data residency regulations, in addition to the multitude of existing data protection and compliance requirements. Vaultive enables enterprises worldwide to overcome the security and regulatory compliance barriers preventing them from moving sensitive enterprise data to the cloud. Deploying Vaultive is a Best Practice that should be part of every migration to the cloud.” – Steven Meyer, Microsoft Gold Partner and IT security engineer at ZenData